Online Craps Vocabulary

The extensive vocabulary of craps makes this one of the more confusing games in the casino. Some players are so intimidated they skip the game altogether and stick to the slots. If you want to understand what's going on in the game, you'll need to pick up at least a few of the commonly used craps phrases. First, however, you should get familiar with the two most important words in craps.

Dealing with Sevens

"Seven out" are the two most important words you should know if you want to master the best craps online. This may seem strange, since seven out is a phrase which means you have lost. However, becoming familiar with the phrase and what it really means can revolutionize your game. Making friends with that seven will help you play your best craps online ever.

Importance of Sevens

The reason that seven is the number chosen to end a craps run is that sevens can be rolled more ways than any other number. There are a total of six different combinations of numbers that result in seven. The next most likely numbers are 8 and 6 which can be rolled in five ways. Five and 9 can be rolled in four different ways, 4 and 10 can be rolled in three different ways, 11 and 3 can only be rolled in two ways and 12 and 2 can be rolled with just one combination of numbers. Understanding these simple facts can give you an edge in all your craps bets.

Understanding the relevance of seven out and how it applies not only to sevens, but to all the other numbers in the game gives you a great edge for always choosing the best strategies in craps.

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