Drawing Hands in Middle Stakes Poker

A middle stakes poker game is one in which the blinds are anywhere from $10 to $50. Typically, these games feature fairly experienced players with a solid grasp of how to calculate pot odds and place bets. Playing with casino bonuses is great no matter the game you have chosen. We are here to help you find the best no deposit codes and bonuses from Casino Extreme that will increase your chances of winning and excitement. Drawing hands are a particularly important strategy in mid-stakes poker, and you should use them to your advantage whenever possible.

When to Play Your Drawing Hands

Drawing hands, such as a straight draw or a flush draw, can reap significant monetary benefit when played in the right situation. If you decide that you have good odds of drawing an outside or inside straight draw in the game, and that such a hand will outrank those of your opponents, go with your gut and play the draw. It often proves to be a savvy move in middle stakes Texas Hold 'Em.


While draws are a solid strategy, they should not be played indiscriminately. Whether the stakes or high, middling, or low, poker players should always observe their opponents' moves and try to determine their next moves before choosing which hand to play. It is also necessary to determine whether playing a draw will be worth it--the chances of winning must be greater than the risk.

If you are considering playing a drawing hand in a middle stakes game, but are not entirely sure what your opponents are holding, try to draw them out with some expert bluffing. Bet enough to make other players hesitate before playing their hands, and try to force them to fold so you can come out on top.

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