Prolonging the Poker Play with Rebuy Tournaments

In cash poker games, when the chips are gone and the players are broke, the game ends. In rebuy tournaments, that isn't necessarily the case. These special kinds of poker tournaments allow players to continue playing, even if they've had a streak of bad luck and have run out of their initial buy-in.

How It Works

Players who have exhausted their initial buy-in, either due to some poor bankroll management, a string of bad luck, or just one unlucky hand, may have a few options with rebuy tournaments. In the early stages of such tournaments, players can buy up to the same amount of chips they started the tournament with. Usually this rebuy option is only available for the first hour or so, and players may not exceed the initial amount they bought to play with. Yet, this option gives players the chance to essentially press the restart button and try and reassert themselves in the tournament.

Strategies for Use

Players can use a few strategies to maximize their utility with the rebuy option. Some players will use the chance of a rebuy to excuse some very reckless betting early on. If they are not constrained by the fear of losing it all in the first few hands, they will bet more aggressively, attempting to shift the balance of the game in their favor. If they fail in this endeavor, they can simply rebuy and start over again. Others will use the rebuy option to protect themselves but will otherwise not chance their betting strategies.

Playing in rebuy tournaments can allow poker fans to prolong their enjoyment of the game. Bad luck and a few bad hands mean less when the game can be reset, and the player can play past their losses.

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